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10 months ago

There are several scientifically engineered components that act on the skin, like epidermabrasion. The most famous of them is Retin-A.

Retin-A is a prescription substance, also known as retinoic acid or vitamin A acid, whose active ingredient is tretinoin. This substance belongs to the family of vitamins of group A. Initially, retin-A was developed to reduce scars and eliminate blockage of infected pores, white and black acne in patients with inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Later, it was discovered that retin-A also improves the appearance of fading skin. This is due to peeling of the skin and removal of dead cells. With prolonged use, it smoothes and restores wrinkled, sun-damaged and thinned skin; helps to reduce wrinkles and folds, accelerates the formation of new skin cells,

However, the use of retin-A gives side effects. Various negative reactions of the skin have been documented, including irritation, redness, and in many cases a rash, similar to eczema. Dyspigmentation occurs in people with dark-skinned skin (darkening or darkening of the skin, appearance of spots). And although retin-A helps restore the health and normal appearance of burnt skin, dermatologists warn that when you use retin-A, you are more responsive to any sun exposure and should never leave home without causing sunscreen with a high sun-protection ratio (SPF). To identify some of the side effects of retin-A, comprehensive studies have been carried out to identify the various types of compounds of the vitamins of group A, which would give the greatest restorative effect with the least side effect. Renova, a milder form of retin-A, used for the foundation of moisturizers, has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Like retin-A, renova is a prescription drug. And although its side effect is less pronounced, it is still there. Another developed and patented recipe uses a vitamin A ester and a process called mycelization. This is a new substance derived from vitamin A and does not cause skin irritation. I am pleased to report that using my epidermabrasion method, sun sensitivity and skin irritation will no longer be a problem for you. The skin will look younger by getting rid of several upper layers of dead, dry cells that, remaining on the skin surface, hinder the upward movement of young cells.

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